Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Movin' on

Well, as prom season draws to a close, our thoughts turn back to weddings.

This week we had our farthest bride yet. We sold a dress to a bride from ALASKA! (Before that Mississippi held the title. As our Alaskan bride joked, "Pshaw...that's practically next door!")

She had called to let us know she would be in town on business and wanted to see if there were enough "modest" wedding dresses to make it worth driving out to Loganville. Apparently there were because after trying on she narrowed her favorites down to 5, then 3, then 2 until the perfect dress was chosen. And it was on sale! (And honestly, Katie, all the dresses did look amazing on you!)

As much fun as prom has been, I have to say my heart is really into helping brides. There is something so wonderful about helping a woman pick the most important dress of her entire life. The fact that we can provide gorgeous, modest dresses which aren't readily available makes it even more special. It always brings a smile when you see someone not able to make up their mind because they have several favorite gowns in contrast to their previous forays into shops where they were told maybe a dress could be altered to make it modest.

Thanks to Eternity, Bonny, Venus and Allure for providing such beautiful, modest wedding gowns!