Thursday, June 12, 2008

This is what we do

My funny (and very intelligent) sister-in-law has a cute saying, "I is what I is and I ain't what I ain't."

I'm reminded of that saying in the instance of two recent customers.

One lady came in on a scouting expedition for her daughter and asked to see what we offered in bridal dresses. I began my explanation of how we do something different than most bridal shops in that we sell a more conservative, modest dress. All our dresses have a modest neckline and at least a small sleeve. She looked at me with disbelief and asked, "And the reason for this is WHY?" I began to explain that this is our niche to help those who want something different from the traditional, strapless dresses which are quite easy to find. Like I said, I began to explain because at that moment the phone rang and I was pulled away. Seconds later I heard the door close very firmly behind her. "Oh well," I thought. "Not what she was looking for."

Contrast that with a family that came in from South Georgia wedding dress shopping. Mom, Dad and bride were all there. As we walked back to the bridal area, the bride noticed that her father had lagged behind. She called, "Dad, you can come on back here." He replied, "I'll be there in a few minutes." He proceeded to wander and "examine" the store. He looked through the racks carefully. Finally, he came to join his family. He had a look of absolute wonder on his face. He said, "I have to hand it to you. I have been searching this store and looking at your dresses and I can't find an immodest dress in the store! They're all modest - even the prom dresses!"

I had to laugh and to explain that this is what we do and we are sensitive to those who have a desire for something different - something modest. We laughed and talked for a few more moments before "getting down to business" but the conversation stuck in my mind.

The typical bridal shop stocks their strapless dresses and offers to order or modify if you want a modest dress. We stock lovely modest dresses, but we'll order if you have to have strapless!

That's why I will appropriate and slightly alter the statement my SIL makes and say, "We is what we is, but we ain't what we ain't."