Saturday, August 23, 2008

Previewing Spring 2009

This past Monday it was off to the Apparel Mart to see some of the new fashions for Spring.

The highlight of the Mart was "Eternity." It was great to meet the new head of the company and to preview the fashions for Spring. Eternity is making many changes in the way they do business, not the least of which is the closing of their Internet sales division. To make up for that, we plan to have an awesome selection of their styles for you to view and try on.

As some of you have noticed, Eternity's web-site is still being re-designed but they hope to have it completed in the next few weeks with (also hopefully) the pictures of the new Spring fashions.

Eternity's bridal line was memorable in featuring several sweetheart neckline styles as well as beautiful beading. They have really "pumped it up" as far as their designs are concerned and are approaching a more "high-end" look. They want to be known for "that gorgeous dress," not just "that modest gorgeous dress," so you shouldn't feel as though you're sacrificing style by making the modest choice. One thing I liked (all styles aside) is the design feature of some of their new dresses including generous sleeve seams as well as gussets under the arm for those who need a little extra room through alterations. Good thinking!

Accompanying this is a wider range of price points for their wedding dresses. They are offering their first $1,000+ dress, which was so lovely, we couldn't resist ordering it. For those who are more budget conscious, they are offering a couple of dresses (really pretty, also) in a lower price point than they typically have. Look for Eternity's upcoming ad campaign to run in Brides Magazine.

Their Evenings Collection was fun and sassy. Some are up-dates on favorite looks and some are really fresh new looks. Their fluid charmeuse dresses were WOW! (As well as some really pretty taffeta styles.) The models confided that they loved wearing them! One darling was a versatile short dress of horizontal tucks which would also make a beautiful second or casual wedding dress.

The single fave prom dress we saw may have been one by Allure's "Night Moves." This stunner was a short dress that promises to be a hit! The nice thing about this market with Allure was we were able to see the modest styles completed, as opposed to seeing strapless dresses that they promised to make modest. (It was also an honor to meet the head of the company who was impressive in his desire to offer chic modest fasions.)

We'll probably pass on Bonny's version of modest prom but look forward to seeing their "Bliss" bridal collection as well as the new Venus styles soon.

All in all, not a bad way to spend a Monday off: looking at gorgeous fashions, meeting great people and topping of the day with an awesome Mexican dinner at "Mama Ninfa's.

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