Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Lorna's just passed our one year mark under new ownership and in our new location. What a year it has been!

From the time we opened our doors in Loganville, we have concentrated on how we could better be of service. Our inventory has grown dramatically, we've added "try on" tuxedos, we've stayed with appointments till as late as 10:00 at night and we've worked to give the best possible experience to our loyal customers. (Who might have driven a long distance to get the best modest dress shopping experience around!)

So it feels like the time to say, "Thanks!" to you.

Thanks to our vendors. How refreshing it is that some manufacturers are willing to make such beautiful modest dresses. They are also remarkably willing to help - whether it means making a sleeve longer, a neckline higher or sending a dress hand carried by a seamstress (who was coming to the U.S.) to take care of an emergency. (Yes, that really happened!) Some of the best customer service ever has to be in the bridal industry!

Thanks to all our brides. Thanks so much for the confidence in us and your referrals. One bride said, "I love this dress but I don't know if I should order now. This is the first place I've looked." Her friend (one of our recent brides) said, "Let me tell you something. I've done all the looking so don't waste your time. Trust me, this is the place to buy your dress." Thanks, Jennifer and thanks to all of you who have trusted us for this important purchase and allowed us to enjoy a small part of your excitement. (Maybe that's why we recently sold to the fifth bride in a group of friends getting married!)

Thanks to all the prom, homecoming, cotillion and school banquet customers. You have, each one, been so beautiful and so much fun to watch trying on! It's always amazing how much prettier a dress looks on a young lady - especially one who is making the choice to dress modestly.

Thanks to all our MOBs and MOGs. You're so much fun! (And what stories you have to tell!) One customer came in to say she was referred here for her MOB dress. When asked, "By whom?" she replied, "I don't know her name but after she picked up her dress here she came to our gym and was showing it to everyone and told us where she got it."

Thanks to our tux customers. Great as it is to be around all the estrogen day in and out, guys, for the most part, are so low maintenance! Though it still brings a smile to remember one big bear of a guy who said, "It fits great unless I pull my arms up like this." (Demonstrating a very unnatural movement.) Since tuxes aren't made to be stretchy we suggested, "Uhhh...Then don't pull your arms up like that!"

The list could go on and on naming those who deserve thanks, but we'll end by thanking the Lord for this great opportunity and for His hand in everything. Who can doubt that He is in charge?

Now, if you've read this far, here's our gift to you: if you wish us a "Happy Anniversary" between now and December 31st, 2008, we'll give you your choice of 10% off a dress (not on clearance) or 25% off an accessory item. This is for new, in stock sales only from now till the end of the year and you must mention the special.

Thanks to you all!


Nicole said...

Hi! I just wanted to second how awesome Lorna's is. I purchased my gown from Lorna's in December 2006 when the store was still in Peachtree City; the experience was amazing. My favorite part? The fact that you put a slip on before trying on the gowns so you're not standing there in your underwear like they make you do at other shops. I hope that this practice is continued by the new management.

And my gown is still the most beautiful dress I've ever seen, so I know I made the right choice!

Melissa said...

Thanks, Nicole.
Yes, we still use slips and they work great!