Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We're baaaaaack...

Wow, almost a year and NO POST. That's pretty bad!
Times have been pretty eventful including a trip last month to California at the invitation of Venus Bridal. They honored some of their stores as "Elite Dealers" and flew them out to stay
at a southern California resort, preview the Spring 2010 line before anyone else and generally celebrate their 25th anniversary with them.

We stayed at the Pechanga Resort in Temecula. The resort was a huge complex including a casino (not too popular with the modest shops!), golf course, spa and of course, a pool.
The first night consisted of a cocktail party (or a bottled water party, in some cases) which was a fabulous time to meet people from Venus as well as stores from all over the country. (And if you've never seen a sunset in the southern California desert, the Eagle's Nest Club on the top floor is highly recommended as the place to experience it.)
Monday we were privileged to view fashions shows. We began with bridal and there was sure a lot to see! One thing that was interesting was that in their regular lines there were some dresses that bordered on being "modest." Perhaps the pendulum will swing back some day away from all the strapless styles.
After the bridal fashion show (and lunch) they did door prize drawings. Interestingly enough, the winner of the top prize wasn't in attendance when her number was called. They drew another and guess who won? Lorna's received the top prize which was a free bridal gown. YES!
The last fashion show was prom. There were some really pretty styles in modest at very reasonable price points.
We then had the chance to meet as modest dealers and give some input into the bridal gowns. Collectively we agreed on some changes we wanted made including adding a few lace-up backs and in some cases, replacing beading for lace.
After changing for dinner, we headed for the Eagle's Nest again for our last evening together.
Dinner with people from California, Washington, Arizona and Utah.
Sarah from Venus customer service. One of the nicest people you'd ever meet!
Now to digest everything!
Combined with the August show at the Apparel Mart, we've seen a lot! Now to decide who's prom bring in. (And honestly, some company's that we didn't like last year looked pretty good this season.)
If there are any styles, sizes or colors that are on your wish list, drop us an e-mail at
We'll try to up-date again soon!

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